Thursday, May 22, 2014

FITNESS AND ADDICTION -- How Fitness Helps You Overcome Addictions.

If you are recovering from an addiction, appropriate exercise will give you the same feeling of satisfaction you received from the object of your addiction. If that sounds far fetched, it isn't. There is a simple reason why it is true: exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, the chemical directly related to sensations of pleasure and satisfaction.  Exercise not only helps you feel better, it reduces the risk of relapse.
A simple fitness regimen also fights depression and anxiety. What's really wonderful is that  exercise is effective in recovery from all sorts of addictions, from smoking to drinking, and taking other drugs.
 Exercise also produces a chemical known as galanin, which is thought to combat the feelings associated with cravings. You may still have "cravings" but the will be less intense if you get regular exercise.
I've devoted my professional fitness career to helping people lead healthier, happier lives.
No matter where you are in the USA, I'm here for you. Contact me by email, and I'll give you a free initial consultation,, and then develop a personal fitness plan to meet your needs and your budget.
If you're in Hollywood, Beverly HIlls, Culver City, Venice or related areas, I'll see you in person as often as you like to help you become the fit, healthy person you can really be.  And if you have a treatment center or "rehab," let me show you how providing clients with their own personal fitness plan can increase recovery, and reduce relapse.
Eager to hear from you, and work with you for a life more rewarding.

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