Friday, May 9, 2014

Exercise Benefits Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

People in recovery face the challenges of learning to produce endorphins — the body’s feel-good chemical — on their own without the help of alcohol and/or drugs. An individual appropriate fitness program increases the release of these endorphins, and is a valuable component of a comprehensive recovery experience.
Writers face special challenges in recovery because the very nature of their profession involves extensive time sitting, staring out the window, and creating new and remarkable ways to not write.  That was an element of humor. 
The truth, however, is not amusing. A sedentary life-style, augmented by alcohol and/or drugs, is not in anyone’s best interest.  For those who spend their working hours sitting, typing, dictating or the all-important behavior of staring blankly into space, an individual appropriate fitness program is of paramount importance.
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