Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 One thing middle aged men need almost as much as they need re-assurance that they are still desirable is exercise. The problem, of course, is that most exercises are boring.  Sex can be great exercise if it's an interactive contact sport, but solitary self-indulgence can become old hat, whether you leave the hat on or not.

When you get middle aged, your body changes.  You start getting that middle aged spread that you never had before.  Your muscle tone isn't what it used to be, and sooner or later you must ask yourself, "Do I buckle my belt above or below my stomach?

Well, I'm here to help you with your belt buckle and much more. Getting enough exercise to improve your fitness is not really all that difficult. It all has to do with getting oxygen denying, heart racing exercise.

All you really need to do i s raise your heart level to 2/3rds of maximum for 20 minutes.  What is maximum? It is 220 minus your age.  If you are 50 years old, subtract 50 from 220 =170.  What is 2/3 of 170?  What is that in square feet? In dog years?  See, you are already bored!!

It is not that difficult.  Lets' pretend you are 55..that means you need to get your heart rate up to around 110 beats per minute. 110 beets make a lot of borscht, and your heart beating at 110 for about twenty minutes today, and every day, will make you much more fit and healthy, unless you are an idiot and do it at 12 noon in the hot sun with no hat. Then you have heat stroke.  That's not the stroke you want.

I think this will work much better if I work with you personally to make sure you have the right plan in mind.
email me at Felecialawsonfitness@gmail.com for a free initial consultation, and then we can work within your schedule and budget to custom craft the perfect plan for you..and yes, you can leave the hat on,

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