Friday, May 30, 2014


In 2011  Vanderbilt University did a study  that involved a dozen hard core pot smokers who were deemed "cannabis dependent"   These folks smoked up a storm, and had no desire to go into treatment. They only desired to go to the fridge, Baskin and Robbins, or Pizza Hut
They were put on a treadmill for 30 minutes,  10 times in two weeks.  That's not much, but there was a dramatic drop in their cravings and their pot use dropped by over 50% after only a few sessions on the treadmill!
Amazing, true and validated by more research published in Frontiers in Psychiatry that revealed that exercise has the same power to reduce use of cocaine, meth, alcohol and nicotine.
 Researchers for the Neuroscience journal Synapse sent several rats on a methamphetamine bender. Some of the rats were left to be "cage potatoes" while the others were made to run.  Guess what? The running rats had profound positive effects, including significant reduction in drug induced brain damage. Two of them are thinking of opening their own Runnin' Rats Rehab. Okay, that last sentence was a joke, but all the rest is real.  
Something as simple as 30 minutes on a treadmill, or a few good runs around the block, can cut drug use by over half.  A pair of tennis shoes is cheaper than 28 days in rehab.
If you are in recovery, exercise will absolutely help you stay sober. No doubt about it.
So if you want to reduce cravings and drug use, call me and I will come over and chase you around the block until you are too tired to lift your bong. 
If you are doing your best to stay sober and clean in recovery, I can and will help you stay sober by crafting a 100% personal program of fitness especially for you -- and it will be far beyond any DVD you see advertised, and a heck of a lot less expensive.

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