Monday, June 2, 2014


My two passions are fitness and film/TV.  I love being a fitness trainer, and I love working in any capacity on television and film productions, usually on camera. When these two passions can merge, it creates an unbeatable synergy.  This is why I am also passionate about The Reel Recovery Film Festivals produced by Writers in Treatment.

The Reel Recovery Film Festivals are a brilliant merger of the arts and recovery, a showcase for rising talents in the world of cinema with the underlying common thread of recovery. These are not high school health films, or someone on camera preaching about the evils of demon rum or drugs. These are breakout directors and cinematographers showing their stuff, and doing so within a particular context. Each film has its own distinct personality and approach, and every Reel Recovery Film Festival is a true cinema lovers event.

It is really impressive that, in a few short years, the Reel Recovery Film Festival has gone from a beginning effort in a small venue in Los Angeles, to world wide status as one of the most important showcases for new film talent -- you'll find the festivals not only in the USA, but in Canada and the UK...with more to come. On June 27th the Reel Recovery Film Festival is in Nashville. If you are anywhere near Nashville, make sure you attend!

Everything is interrelated -- fitness, health, recovery and creativity -- please join me in supporting WRITERS IN TREATMENT and the REEL RECOVERY FILM FESTIVALS.

PS: On a self-serving note, if want your own personal fitness trainer, call or email me. I'm here for you!

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