Monday, June 9, 2014


Procrastination is often a power trip -- people who don't feel "in control" of what goes in their life often will control whether or not they get things done by NOT getting things done! Not accomplishing something is experienced as an accomplishment.

 Weird? Yes.  Can it be overcome? Yes.

 There are numerous, practical techniques for getting things done, and getting them done in a timely manner. The first thing to do is simply decide what is the single most important thing you need to do. DO THAT FIRST. Do NOT start on anything else. If you start several things at once, you will most likely not finish any of them.  That will depress you, discourage you, and lead to more procrastination.
So. PICK ONE THING. Now, focus on that one thing and GET IT DONE. No matter what it is, you will know that you got the most important thing done.
THEN, what is the next most important thing? DO THAT, AND ONLY THAT. Get it done.

Of course, if your mind is foggy or if you are emotionally depressed or lethargic, getting that first thing done is going to drag on and on.  You can help un-fog your mind by drinking water, eating properly and, yes, exercise. A fun and easy exercise regimen will boost your brain power, give you more mental energy, and spur you on to accomplish more.

I'm here to help you.  As a celebrity fitness trainer, I know all the right moves, methods and techniques to have your body help your mind.

You may think that only celebrities can afford or use the services of a celebrity fitness trainer. Not true. Every one of my clients is equally important to me, and I'll work with your needs and budget to make sure you get what you want and what you need.  So, if you're a celebrity, call me. If you are NOT a celebrity, call me.
I'm here for you to make your life better.

Felicia Lawson

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