Thursday, July 17, 2014


Yes, it's hot in Los Angeles, and I still see folks out jogging in the mid day sun as if they were either mad dogs or Englishmen.  Dangerous?

Well, could be -- here are some friendly guidelines for staying fit and healthy but not simply to look good in your casket after you drop dead from heatstroke or dehydration

If the temperature is lower than 80 F you don't have to take extra precaution, but when the temperature gets above 80F you put your self at risk. The higher the humidity, the higher the danger.

If the temperature gets between 85 and 91,  you must exercise extreme caution.
If the temperature is over 91, go to a movie in an air conditioned movie theater, stuff your face with popcorn

make out in the balcony.

Or stay home and make out ON the balcony! :-)
  You can always get in your outdoor exercise in the cool of the early evening..

No matter what the temperature, always make sure you drink plenty of water. I shouldn't have to remind you of that, but a few fluid ounces of prevention is worth several liters of cure.


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