Friday, May 30, 2014


In 2011  Vanderbilt University did a study  that involved a dozen hard core pot smokers who were deemed "cannabis dependent"   These folks smoked up a storm, and had no desire to go into treatment. They only desired to go to the fridge, Baskin and Robbins, or Pizza Hut
They were put on a treadmill for 30 minutes,  10 times in two weeks.  That's not much, but there was a dramatic drop in their cravings and their pot use dropped by over 50% after only a few sessions on the treadmill!
Amazing, true and validated by more research published in Frontiers in Psychiatry that revealed that exercise has the same power to reduce use of cocaine, meth, alcohol and nicotine.
 Researchers for the Neuroscience journal Synapse sent several rats on a methamphetamine bender. Some of the rats were left to be "cage potatoes" while the others were made to run.  Guess what? The running rats had profound positive effects, including significant reduction in drug induced brain damage. Two of them are thinking of opening their own Runnin' Rats Rehab. Okay, that last sentence was a joke, but all the rest is real.  
Something as simple as 30 minutes on a treadmill, or a few good runs around the block, can cut drug use by over half.  A pair of tennis shoes is cheaper than 28 days in rehab.
If you are in recovery, exercise will absolutely help you stay sober. No doubt about it.
So if you want to reduce cravings and drug use, call me and I will come over and chase you around the block until you are too tired to lift your bong. 
If you are doing your best to stay sober and clean in recovery, I can and will help you stay sober by crafting a 100% personal program of fitness especially for you -- and it will be far beyond any DVD you see advertised, and a heck of a lot less expensive.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I'm sure that all of us wonder, at one time or another, if what we are doing with our lives and careers makes any difference in the world. Well, imagine my delight at receiving this message: 
"When I first met you on the set of the soap opera  (I mean daytime drama), I didn't know you were also a personal fitness expert.  I'm sure glad that I found that out! Since working with you, and following your guidance, I feel better, look better, have more energy, more confidence when I go on auditions and casting calls, as while I am my own worst critic, I believe the reason I look so much better on camera these days is because of Felicia Lawson. Of course, you look damn good yourself!  Thanks for improving my life.."  
"Thanks for improving my life."

That made my day, put a new bounce in my step and a smile on my faceI love helping people feel better about themselves and their bodies. A personal fitness plan can make all the difference in the world. 

I may be a 'Beverly Hills" personal trainer, but my rates are affordable for people who are not  rich and famous. Why should only the rich have personal trainers? 

When you get rich, you can pay me more, but in the meantime I'll work within your budget to help you achieve your fitness goals. We can do it in person, or over the Internet or by phone. I'll custom craft a plan just for you.

Your initial consultation is 100% free

Email me at:
or call me 818-794-9743 to make an appointment.

I'm eager to hear from you.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

MEMORIAL DAY -- Rememberng those who gave their lives, and not forgetting those who need their lives back.

Today is the day we decorate the graves of those who gave their lives for our country. In their memory, we have established Memorial Day.  It is more than a day for sales and BBQ.  This is a day of remembrance.

Hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest young men and women have lost their lives in battle - but not all of them are dead and buried. There are countless people who have come home but their lives,  as they knew them, seem lost. 

As a fitness expert, I know the value of exercise and fitness to our rerurning veterans.  So does Travis Cox, who served as a U.S. Marine Corps scout sniper and a special operations assistant team leader in Iraq. 

 "It gives you a healthy outlet," Cox says. "It gives you something to do that's productive. It forces the veteran to own their issues and work through them with action. These are veterans that have put their lives on the line and been very proactive in the betterment of this world, and it just makes sense that they can be proactive with improving their lives.

According to the Department of Defense, almost 25,000 servicemen and servicewomen were wounded between March 2003 and March 2007 in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Recent media reports have criticized the Department of Veterans Affairs for the handling of veterans' post-action care.“We consistently hear that when an injured veteran gets to the hospital, they're a rock star, and then once they get home, no one is calling anymore,” says John Register, associate director of military programs for the U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee. “Then the healing begins and depression starts setting in. We want sports and activity to be one of the tools for helping at that time.”
As your personal fitness resource, I want you to know that I am here for veterans, and will custom create a personal fitness plan to meet your needs. If your needs are outside my realm of expertise, I'll connect you with the appropriate training professional. 
Remember our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, and know that their is life after military service for our veterans. Fitness training can make a big difference.
Contact me anytime --
If I am close to you, I'll consult with you in person. If not, I'll consult with you via the INTERNET or telephone.
Have a safe Memorial Day

Thursday, May 22, 2014

FITNESS AND ADDICTION -- How Fitness Helps You Overcome Addictions.

If you are recovering from an addiction, appropriate exercise will give you the same feeling of satisfaction you received from the object of your addiction. If that sounds far fetched, it isn't. There is a simple reason why it is true: exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, the chemical directly related to sensations of pleasure and satisfaction.  Exercise not only helps you feel better, it reduces the risk of relapse.
A simple fitness regimen also fights depression and anxiety. What's really wonderful is that  exercise is effective in recovery from all sorts of addictions, from smoking to drinking, and taking other drugs.
 Exercise also produces a chemical known as galanin, which is thought to combat the feelings associated with cravings. You may still have "cravings" but the will be less intense if you get regular exercise.
I've devoted my professional fitness career to helping people lead healthier, happier lives.
No matter where you are in the USA, I'm here for you. Contact me by email, and I'll give you a free initial consultation,, and then develop a personal fitness plan to meet your needs and your budget.
If you're in Hollywood, Beverly HIlls, Culver City, Venice or related areas, I'll see you in person as often as you like to help you become the fit, healthy person you can really be.  And if you have a treatment center or "rehab," let me show you how providing clients with their own personal fitness plan can increase recovery, and reduce relapse.
Eager to hear from you, and work with you for a life more rewarding.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 One thing middle aged men need almost as much as they need re-assurance that they are still desirable is exercise. The problem, of course, is that most exercises are boring.  Sex can be great exercise if it's an interactive contact sport, but solitary self-indulgence can become old hat, whether you leave the hat on or not.

When you get middle aged, your body changes.  You start getting that middle aged spread that you never had before.  Your muscle tone isn't what it used to be, and sooner or later you must ask yourself, "Do I buckle my belt above or below my stomach?

Well, I'm here to help you with your belt buckle and much more. Getting enough exercise to improve your fitness is not really all that difficult. It all has to do with getting oxygen denying, heart racing exercise.

All you really need to do i s raise your heart level to 2/3rds of maximum for 20 minutes.  What is maximum? It is 220 minus your age.  If you are 50 years old, subtract 50 from 220 =170.  What is 2/3 of 170?  What is that in square feet? In dog years?  See, you are already bored!!

It is not that difficult.  Lets' pretend you are 55..that means you need to get your heart rate up to around 110 beats per minute. 110 beets make a lot of borscht, and your heart beating at 110 for about twenty minutes today, and every day, will make you much more fit and healthy, unless you are an idiot and do it at 12 noon in the hot sun with no hat. Then you have heat stroke.  That's not the stroke you want.

I think this will work much better if I work with you personally to make sure you have the right plan in mind.
email me at for a free initial consultation, and then we can work within your schedule and budget to custom craft the perfect plan for you..and yes, you can leave the hat on,

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Long term sobriety for those who have the desire to not drink is best achieved by making sure that you have plenty of appropriate physical exercise and sufficient amounts of vitamin B1 as aspects of your recovery. 

You can get B1 vitamins anywhere, and you can consult a professional fitness trainer, right here, right now.  That's why I offer a 100% free initial consultation  to anyone, anywhere who wants to feel better, function better, and enhance recovery from problems related to alcohol and/or drugs.

it is beneficial to hire a personal trainer who can help you to stay motivated and challenged during the early weeks of training. 

Yes, I offer FREE CONSULTATION -- and then create a fitness/exercise program custom crafted to YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS and your personal budget.

If you live in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Venice, or Santa Monica and the general area, I will train you in person.
If you live outside the area, or the country, I will work with you via the Internet just as if I were there in person.

For less than the cost of night out drinking or drugging you can enhance your recovery, and all aspects of your life, via my proven methods for increasing the release of the brain chemicals that provide pleasure, reduce cravings, and help you achieve long-term sobriety.  

Cost is not the issue. If you can afford drugs and booze, you can afford me several times over...and I'll save you money because you will feel so good that you won't want to go back to feeling sick and tired.

Exercise can be used along with other treatments, such as 12-step programs, counseling, EFT, CBT, or any other technique, with only positive synergistic effects. 

If you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, junk food or virtually anything else, exercise can be your secret weapon!

Contact me if you REALLY want long-term sobriety and enhanced recovery for yourself or for residents/clients in your established treatment center.

Problems with alcohol or drugs can impact you even if you are not an alcoholic or a drug addicted person. You don't have to be an addict or alcoholic to have problems because of use, overuse or unexpected side effects.


Exercise and a personal fitness plan will benefit anyone, of any age or condition.   Your success is my success, and I am here for you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


For those who use opiates/opioids, physical activity is absolutely necessary. 

Being on opiates makes your brain deficient in endorphins.  Exercise forces the body to make its own endorphins, therefore you can take less of your drugs. The more of its own endorphins your brain makes, the easier it is to withdraw from opiates.

Withdrawal from opiates can be more dangerous than using them. I strongly suggest a supervised medical detox such as that offered by the Waismann Method 

Laughter also produces endorphins, as does sex. Laughing at your partner, instead of with your partner can cause depression which requires more exercise. 

Exercise is great not only for withdrawal  but for depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, and feelings of helplessness.

"Fitness is not only popular, but is good way of producing endorphins and fighting depression. The endorphins can block feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and can treat some symptoms of depression, such as insomnia and lack of appetite. In addition, those suffering from depression will feel better about themselves knowing that they are accomplishing something good for them and are taking an active role in their treatment."

If you are taking opiates now, make yourself exercise. Start out as much as you can and build towards a longer, vigorous exercise. It will be the best thing you can do for your body. Even if all you can do now is a short walk, that's fine, it's a start and if you continue forcing yourself to exercise you will get into great shape.

Today, there are opiate cleansing methods that are safe and devoid of the dangers associated with non-medically assisted detox.  For more information on the Waismann Method of rapid detox,
call (310) 773-5385.

For a PERSONAL FITNESS PLAN especially for YOU -- contact Felicia Lawson. Consultation is free, and I'll work out a plan that fits your budget.  I also offer fitness programs for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs

No matter where you are in the USA, I can consult you and help you. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Blood flow is the single most important thing for your brain, and 20% of the blood from every heart beat goes to feed your brain.  

The more blood to the brain, the better your brain functions.  So, if it makes your heart beat faster, that's good. Three hours a week of aerobic exercise will have your brain working at optimum. 

What are good aerobic exercises? Bike riding, jogging, and, of course, sex.  

Having sex increases blood flow to your brain,and releases chemicals that increase mental performance and releases endorphins which help reduce pain and increases cognitive function also it gets rid of stress which is always a good thing

Do NOT, however, have sex while riding a bicycle, even while wearing a helmet. This can be dangerous to you and others.  There is a vibrating bicycle seat, HAPPY RIDE, which is a bike seat cover with a discreet, high-powered vibrator tucked inside.  

I'm not sure this is a good idea simply because having a healthy orgasm while riding might cause you to lose control of the bike. Imagine trying to explain what happened."Well, you see, Officer..."

Sunday, May 11, 2014


“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” -- Hunter S. Thompson, who blew his brains out in 2005. He was 67.

Some people drink excessively, and say they do so because they are depressed.  Guess what? They are depressed because they drink excessively. 

Numerous studies in the USA and UK clearly indicate that alcohol, being a poison, drastically alters a person's mood because it messes up brain chemistry.  The first drink may "loosen you up," but a few drinks later you are uptight, upset, angry, and argumentative. What begins as fun ends in a depressing debacle. yelling matches, door slams, fist fights or worse. 

The latest research in the United Kingdom resulted in two excellent programs that are helping people recover from the depression of drinking -- and both urge a personal program of individual fitness and exercise. That's where I come in.  I work in two careers -- show business and fitness.  Every day I see people who claim to be under great stress, and they are problem drinkers. They don't realize that it is the drinking that is causing the stress, not their life situations. The more you drink, the more stress and depression you will have.

One of the most simple and effective ways of breaking the cycle is to NOT reach for the drink, but to take a few minutes to improve your mood by an easier method -ten minutes of soothing isometric techniques, easy leg lifts coupled with slow, deep breaths, or other low-impact techniques I'll gladly teach you easy techniques that will reduce stress and send depression far far away. When the drinking slows down, the depression lessons also.

Remember, the mood you are in is strengthened by the first drink you take. If you are in a good mood, your mood will be even better with one drink. After that, it all goes downhill because -- ALCOHOL IS A POISON that causes depression, anxiety and makes you sick.

You don't like feeling sick, sore and unhappy, and I'm here to help you incorporate a  personalized physical fitness plan into your life to help you overcome depression and anxiety.  This is NOT a substitute for medical care and/or professional medical diagnosis, but is proven to be of significant value to anyone who desires to feel better, live better, and enjoy life. 

Wherever you are in the USA, call me and let's talk about it.  Depression and stress are not your friends, and both of them live in the bottle.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Exercise Benefits Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

People in recovery face the challenges of learning to produce endorphins — the body’s feel-good chemical — on their own without the help of alcohol and/or drugs. An individual appropriate fitness program increases the release of these endorphins, and is a valuable component of a comprehensive recovery experience.
Writers face special challenges in recovery because the very nature of their profession involves extensive time sitting, staring out the window, and creating new and remarkable ways to not write.  That was an element of humor. 
The truth, however, is not amusing. A sedentary life-style, augmented by alcohol and/or drugs, is not in anyone’s best interest.  For those who spend their working hours sitting, typing, dictating or the all-important behavior of staring blankly into space, an individual appropriate fitness program is of paramount importance.
No matter where you are in the USA, I’m here for you. Together we will create the perfect fitness program for your individual needs and budget.   Consultation is 100% FREE

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Supporters and clients of WRITERS IN TREATMENT receive one or more complimentary fitness training sessions within their individual plans. Call for more info!

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