Sunday, October 4, 2015

70% of College Women feel worse about their bodies after doing THIS...

Studies at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts found that 70% of college women say they feel worse about their own looks after reading women’s magazines. 
<<< that's my real body..if It were on a magazine cover, the picture would be manipulated so that I would appear to have more muscle, bigger breasts, and legs up to my neck! 
A  study published in the journal of Psychology of Men and Masculinity showed that not only did watching prime-time television and music videos appear to make men more uncomfortable with themselves, but that the discomfort led to sexual problems and risky behaviors. 
“People see the same images over and over and start to believe it’s a version of reality,” says Deborah Schooler, one of the researchers. “If those bodies are real and that’s possible, but you can’t attain it, how can you not feel bad about your own body?”

Research indicates that for African-American, Asian-American, and Latina women (and men) increased assimilation into the “white culture” results in higher levels of body dissatisfaction. 
Very few women possess the genetics to naturally produce the ultra-long, thin body type so widely promoted, and when they do, it isn’t usually accompanied by large breasts. Moreover, there are limits to how little body fat a woman can possess and still have normal hormonal functioning. Below a certain level of body fat and dietary fat, a woman’s body cannot produce the estrogen needed for ovulation and menstruation. A woman also develops a higher risk of stress fractures because normal bone breakdown is accelerated in the absence of estrogen, and osteoporosis becomes more likely.
The same thing goes for 6-pack abs and the “ripped” look being promoted to men; the ability to have very defined abdominal muscles is genetically endowed, and the hyper-muscled physique of action figures and male fitness models is impossible to achieve without illegal anabolic steroids. UCLA’s Student Nutrition Action Committee (SNAC) webpage on Body Image and Eating Disorders puts it very succinctly:
“It’s physiologically impossible to gain unlimited pounds of pure, bulging muscle mass while maintaining an ultra-lean, ripped body – even when following the “perfect” training and diet program."
So, what's girl (or guy) to do? Be a fit, healthy and happy YOU.  The real you, the best you, is not a false manipulated image.  You need never strive for a false image of "perfect" -- it doesn't exist. Instead, strive for excellence and authenticity -- two things that you inherently possess and can be made manifest as a result of your own volition -- you can do it -- you can be you. 

I'm both a certified fitness trainer and nationally certified yoga instructor. I'll work with you to bring out your best! 

Special thanks to UCLA and Brown University for information included in this blog post,

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